Friday, March 27, 2009

OMG 12 weeks!

This is the day I have been counting down to ever since we had our BFP. I know I don't officially start the second trimester until 13 weeks but still 12 weeks has a lot of significance to me. I kind of feel like I am past the danger zone after I hit 12 weeks. I can't say I am going to relax now and enjoy this pregnancy because I know I will still keep worrying about little things.

I am really starting to show now, I will post my belly pics soon. I will go maternity shopping this weekend because I have only one pair of non-pregnancy pants that fit me so I wore the same pair all week. haha I know it's not gonna fit me next week so I need to buy some clothes.

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Chhandita said...

Crossing the 12 week mark is a huge relief!!! i know just how you must be feeling....waiting for the belly pics, and am starting to show a little too and looking for some funky maternity clothes...I want to look good u see...