Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feeling Better About My FTS Results

I went to see my doctor yesterday and discussed the results with her. She is really good to put your mind at ease. She said what this could mean is, that I may have preterm labor, hypertension or a low weight baby but she said they will monitor me closely and make sure everything is going smoothly. She also said that she has seen quite a few women with low PAPP-A but never had any complications with their pregnancy, so it could mean nothing. I feel so much better. I get to see her every week now which means I get to hear my baby's heartbeat every week. Awesome!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Trimester Screening Results

I got my FTS results yesterday. I had the blood draw at 11 weeks and the u/s was yesterday. it was amazing to see the baby move its hands and legs and move around. We were elated. The nuchal measurements were good and they were able to see a nasal bone as well so everything looked good but when they combined the u/s findings with the blood work, my risk of down's and trisomy 18 went way up. I still have a negative screen and don't need to get an amnio but I am worried about the blood results. I have googled a lot about low papp-A levels and there is so much stuff. I am gonna try my best not to worry too much about it because a lot of women do get positive outcomes.
Here's a baby picture at 12w3d.
He/she is so cute already!