Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is this just bloating or....

My boss who knows that I am pregnant following IVF just commented today while I was sitting at my desk typing, that you can start to tell now. I was like "really?" I am only 9 weeks. I know my tummy looks bloated but I didn't think other people will start to notice just yet. Maybe it's because she knows that she's been really observing me or have I really started to show a bit already? It's possible though because I am 5'4" and weighed only 97 pound before IVF. I have gained about 8 pounds since then and I know my pants are getting a bit too tight. I cannot button or zip up most of them.

Oh I just bought the Bellaband yesterday so I wear all my pants unzipped. My first maternity purchase and it's great. I love it.

Oh and Chandita nominated for an award. Thanks Chandita. i will get to that at some point tomorrow. It's just been so busy at work but I really wanted to mention that people think I have started to show already.I like it though.


Chhandita said...

Ohhhh, so u r like me eh? tiny...but unfortunately, i have lost weight instead of gaining
:-( when are u posting belly pics?

Straubles said...

My OB said almost all of the weight is water from the IVF treatments and the pregnancy hormones. I noticed that the blood vessels on my arms look closer to the surface and he said that pregnancy dramatically increases the quantity of blood in your body. Fun stuff, eh? I like your idea of the bands...might as well enjoy our regular clothes as long as possible, right? I'm hoping to make it a few more months in my regular clothes...we'll see how that goes ;-)