Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My First Post !!!

After reading a lot of blogs about infertility, I thought this was a really good place to vent the frustrations of my infertility journey. Who else can better understand than someone going through this process or someone who's been through. So a little history! I am 26 yrs. old. Happily married to DH. We have been trying to get pregnant on and off for the last 3 years. Have done 2 clomid IUI's that failed. Had a laparoscopy in September 2008 which showed mild endometriosis and adhesions attaching my left ovary to the pelvic wall. My Re wants me to try a couple more IUI's only the months I ovulate from the right side. So in November I booked an IUI cycle but of course I ovulated from the left side. Now waiting for my period to show up, which is due in a week, so I can have an IUI in December. I am only planning to wait till December and then start IVF in January. Please send some prayers my way!!